Menu 57,-

Our chef creates a different menu every season. He uses his favourite, they're all local, fresh, biological and the menu is highly focused on seafood! If you have special wishes don't hesitate to let us know.


 4 courses dinner || 57,-
 5 courses dinner || 67,-
 6 courses dinner || 77,-
 7 courses dinner || 87,-
 8 courses dinner || 97,- 





With every course we'll serve a suiting wine chosen by our sommelier.

You can choose between:
- Chef at's Wine Pairing starts at €30,- (p.p)
- Chef at's House Wines €25,- a bottle.

*Do you want to enlarge this with different wines and a personal advice from our sommelier?
  That's possible! 


* You can enlarge this menu with two more courses (see extra courses).
   More courses or other wishes? Please check Menu Extraordinaire.
* If you have allergies and / or diet wishes we will change the menu accordingly.
* Prices are per person.
* Dinner starts with six people.

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