This three-course menu has the perfect value for money. We offer this menu together with our suppliers, because we only work with the best seasonal products. 






 Extra Course (+ €10,-)


Extra Course (+ €10,-)

Main Course 


Cheese (+€7,50)

Chef's Cheese Platter


Chocolate Ganache Cake | Strawberry



With every course we'll serve a suiting wine chosen by our sommelier.

You can choose between:
- Chef at's Wine Pairing starts at €22,50 (p.p)
- Chef at's House Wines €22,50 a bottle.

*Do you want to enlarge this with different wines and a personal advice from our sommelier?
  That's possible! 


* You can enlarge this menu with two more courses (see extra courses).
   More courses or other wishes? Please check Menu Extraordinaire.
* If you have allergies and / or diet wishes we will change the menu accordingly.
* Prices are per person.
* Dinner starts with six people.

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